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Regina `omg I’m so in love why do you have to be so perfect Emma I wanna punch you with my mouth please marry me’ Mills

         (via scullysummers ) 

I have to reblog those tags (and its really really fucking strange seeing my tags back on my dash on a non-B&W post but I digress) because I absolutely 100% agree Emma can be kind of an idiot about her own emotions like she really does care for Regina but it would take her forever to realize the *why* and then she’s just like “But no! It’s not ‘love’ don’t be ridiculous I just respect her and want her to be safe and happy and protect her and make sure she eats right and is sleeping okay and she and Henry are alright and no one is trying to kill her what do you mean I’m in love with her?!”

rereblogging for 3 batches of epically accurate commentary/minific/i don’t even know but it’s so goddamn good.

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